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Welcome to the Auto Warranty Bureau of America

The Auto Warranty Bureau, provides unbiased reviews and alerts on vehicle protection programs and extended auto warranties provided by third-party auto warranty providers. Our core mission is to protect the American consumer from extended auto warranty scams and provide resources for consumer to better judge their future extended auto warranty pruchases.

Our Consumer Auto Warranty Assistance Group takes consumer extended auto warranty reviews and complaints 24 hours a day via ourĀ  extended auto warranty review/complaint form. Once a complaint/review is recieved, we review the content and file appropriate action. Because consumer rely on the Auto Warranty Bureau's recommendation, we ensure that all reviews/complaint are reviewed for fraud & discrepancies before making them publically available.

Our Extended Auto Warranty Intervention Unit actively participates in proceedings concerning the availability, pricing and quality of vehicle protection programs provided by third-party auto warranty companies within the United States of America and it's territories.

Want us to help you find the most reliable Extended Auto Warranty for your vehicle?

The Auto Warranty Bureau of America can provide help to consumers by suggesting a reliable auto warranty service for their vehicles. Not all auto warranty companies are made for all vehicles. Some cars require certain coverage and some extended auto warranty companies are more reliable for certain vehicles. By using the AWB Suggestion System, consumers can have us provide them with the most reliable warranty service for their car. Please keep in mind that all suggestions are based on previous analysis of the auto warranty company's coverage.

You can get started by filling out the follow here:

Auto Warranty Suggestion Tool

What is the American Auto Warranty Bureau Accreditation?

Unlike other business accreditation programs out there, the AWB Accreditation is not a pay to pay program. We do not charge companies to provide accreditation. Instead, our goal is to review all Auto Warranty companies and provide the most reliable, consumer trusted and comprehensive extended auto warranty company with an accreditation.

Why you can trust our Accreditation process.

By ensuring that the accreditation is based soley on how a company performs, we eliminate bias. We do not allow companies to buy their way in. Accreditation must be earned by providing top-notch customer service.

Valuable Extended Auto Warranty Purchasing Tips:

When purchasing an extended auto warranty for your vehicle, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. The following tips will help you make a smarter decision when protecting your vehicle. Please keep in mind that not all service protection programs are the same. Each company sets up their protection programs differently than the rest.

1: It is extremely important to understand the terms of your extended auto warranty contract before purchase. Most reliable extended auto warranty companies will provide you with a sample protection contract. Always ask to see a sample contract before making your purchase.

2: Many Vehicle Service Contract providers will attempt to sell you on a 3 or 5 year contract. This provides you with the maximum protection for as long as you keep your vehicle. However, it is also important to know how many miles you are covered until. Many warranty companies do not provide this information but rather state it within the contract only. This means if you had a 3 year and 24,000 mile coverage, you will not have any coverage if you drive more than the 24,000 miles allocated within the contract even if you have 2 years left. The rule of thumb is to get a contract that states 12,000 miles for every year you are under coverage.
3: Ask about how many years the provider has been in business. A provider that has remained in business for a longer term means that they are more trusted and have not had government action taken against them for fraud.
4: When purchasing a vehicle service plan, make sure that the plan is transferrable from vehicle to vehicle or from owner to owner. Having a transferable extended auto warranty allows you to build more value into the plan. A plan that is transferable will help raise the overall resale value of your vehicle when you are ready to sell your used car.
5: Many companies place a cap limitation on the labor rate that your repair center can charge. This means you are limited to where you can have your vehicle repaired. Make sure you ask what the labor rate limitation is. Most, trusted, warranty companies will provide a unlimited labor rate as part of their plans.
6: Ask about their refund and cancellation policies. Trusted warranties provide a 30 days money back policy along with a pro-rated refund option.

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